Choosing the Right Online Casino for You

There are hundreds of Online Casinos on the web, just waiting to pay out to the right player, but finding the right online casino for you is an important first step in hitting the jackpot you’ve always wanted. Online casinos differ enough to make picking your casino a fairly involved affair, and with so many different options to consider, it can seem daunting at times to sift through them all with no guarantee of finding the right one for you.

First off you should make sure to play with a reputable gambling software provider. There are a few out there, e.g. Microgaming, Playtech or Novoline. Microgaming casinos are generally seen as highly reputable, so we recommend looking for one on a site like They have comprehensive lists of microgaming casinos and their different offers, so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs.

Another thing to consider when choosing an online casino is the relationship between the gambling platform and your connection speed. Some online casinos are hosted overseas, and as a result you may have connection issues with their server, which can make for dropped games and forced disconnects, meaning you lose out on money that you could have been winning instead. Choose a casino with high download speeds and a fast connection so you have the best chance at winning the pot.

Speaking of having the best chance at winning, it is important to make sure to play to your strengths when choosing an online casino. Pay attention to what games you are best at, and then find a casino that hosts high stakes buy-ins for those games. Every online casino has written reviews on the web where you can find what the pros have to say about your choice of online casino, as well as some of the best strategies for hitting the jackpot. Many websites specialize in a type of game, e.g. online slots like That would be our first stop for research about slots!


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Which Casino Games Are the Best?

Which casino game is the best? That’s a question that can yield a wide range of different answers depending on the player and the criteria in use. Some gamblers – particularly inexperienced bettors simply looking to enjoy the casino industry without going for any high-stakes play – merely want to know which games give them the best odds of winning. After all, many people equate winning with fun, and fun with ‘best.’ For those players, then, the best casino game is either blackjack or craps, which yield about as close to 50-50 win-loss odds as is ever seen on a casino floor. Many blackjack variations allow you to improve your odds as well, e.g. redeal blackjack.

Other players will be looking for the games with the easiest learning curve and the least intimidating gameplay. Again, these gamblers are often inexperienced and don’t have enough confidence in the card-playing skills to sit down at a table and start betting against seasoned veterans and the house alike. For these players, the best casino games are the slot machines, which don’t necessarily offer great odds of winning, but which are also extremely easy to play and which offer a fun-filled casino environment that is nothing short of infectious. In addition, some slot machines have bigger jackpots to offer than any other game at the casino.

For the most skilled and seasoned gamblers, however, there is arguably no better place to be than the poker table. Years of films, TV shows, books and other genres of entertainment have slowly posited poker as the ultimate gambling game. Strategic elements like bluffing, folding and ‘going all in’ mark poker as not only as the most exciting casino game to watch, but also the most difficult one to master. There’s much more to poker than just good and bad hands, and inexperienced players can easily be eaten alive at a casino’s poker table. However, for seasoned veterans, there is no risk more thrilling than betting at the poker table, and that fact makes it the ‘best’ casino game for many.

Which roulette strategies can be followed when playing online?

Roulette is a very popular game in brick-and-mortar casinos due to its simplicity. It is no surprise then that it is one of the most popular games in online casinos. Since each spin is unique, the results of one spin have no bearing on the next one. Remember to choose online casinos with good reputation if you are placing real money bets.

There are no sure shot methods for winning at Roulette. All we have are strategies which can help you improve your chances. So which strategies may be used in an online game?

Martingale Strategy: In this strategy, each time you lose a bet, you double your bets. For employing this, choose a table with the smallest minimum bet and bet on a 50-50 event like odd or even, low or high. If you win, bet the same amount. If you lose, double your bet. The idea is that if you win, you will recover your loses.

Reverse Martingale (Paroli) Strategy: Here you double bets on winning and continue betting the same if you lose. This will be successful if you have a good winning streak and quit before you lose. But it is very risky since you lose everything when you lose.

D’Alembert Strategy: A safer strategy, here you increase the bet by 1 dollar if you lose. If you win, you decrease the bet by a dollar. Stop betting when you have as many wins as losses, that way you will make a small profit.